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Chennai Social Service (CSS) is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working with its motto "Share Your Living..." to see a better society with equality where people can support themselves for their betterment and to make people to know their responsibilities to take care of themselves and the society with in which they live.

Chennai Social service is a registered non governmental organization (NGO) with about 1400 online members and 75 active volunteers. CSS has been rendering its service to chennai city since July 27, 2006. The activities of CSS revolve around five different teams.

  • * Red Drops - Saving lives-donating blood.
  • * VScribe - Differently-abled also means to have access to equal opportunity and rights.
  • * Nalanda - Education as means to becoming a good citizen.
  • * Food Bank - Stop wasting Food-feed hungry mouths.
  • * Environment Care Group - Plant more trees.

About Us

Chennai Social Service has been working with needy and disadvantaged individuals and groups for more than 7 years and has evolved into an organization which has been guiding people for their needs and also helping link sources for larger good of the society. Most of its activity is based in Chennai.

Our growth would not have been possible without support from other good hearted friends and NGO’s.

Currently, we have 1500 registered members and 50 active volunteers at various levels of roles and responsibilities: from a small team in social network (Orkut community) to an organization capable of handling 2000 students’ progress on yearly basis.

All these teams work based on their vision statement by their members. The design is such that, the achievement of vision of each team are the steps of ladder which in turn lead to the vision of CSS.



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Support Us

You can support us in 4 ways:

  • 1. Share Your time.
  • 2. Share Your money.
  • 3. Share Your ideas.
  • 4. Spread words about CSS activities.

To Share Your Money:

Our bank account details are below:
Bank Name: State Bank Of India (SBI),
Branch: West Mambalam, Chennai.
Account Name: Chennai Social Service
Account No: 30436350004
IFSC Code: SBIN0001683

Cheques should be drawn in the name of Chennai Social Service.
All contributions are exempt from tax under 80G of Income Tax Act.


Food Bank

Everyday tons and tons of food goes as waste in restaurants, parties/celebrations, and even from homes where we have a culture of putting in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage/wastebin. This way, it is not accessible to any living things: on the other side many humans and animals die of famine and hunger without food.

One of the main reasons to survive in this world is for food, and we decided not to let go of food as a waste rather feed hungry mouths (destitute people, children, even animals) in this city.

For this we collect food from places where it is getting wasted and transfer to the people and animals that are in real need.

  • Ways to save food from going to waste-bin:
    1. First and foremost Food is a precious commodity in India, kindly plan your events in such a manner that very little goes to waste

  • 2. Do not throw food packed in polythene bags or polystyrene cups as animals feed on the entire lot- resulting in health hazard to animals

  • 3. It so happens that on many occasions people are not good at preparing exact quantity of food; on those times kindly maintain certain standards
    1. i. Excess food must not have been touched or used.
      ii. Excess food can be ascertained for how many people or children and then ring CSS to enquire about the nearest Children’s or destitute shelter
      iii. Remember excess food can be given at certain time of the day like before 10 am or between 2 or 4pm. As most children’s home plan their cooking after 10am and after 4pm
      iv. In case of food is in excess after 8pm in evening kindly make them into small packs and distribute it to road side people or even people put out near railway stations.

    Food bank feeds destitute homes, people on streets and, animals in Bluecross of India with the food collected from various places.

    “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread - Mahatma Gandhi"

    Contact Person - Prithviraj



    To establish a student-community with a sense of responsibility towards their society and country which can be achieved through practicing and encouragement of 'Good Habits' as devised by 'Munaivar Poonthuraiyaan'.

    • Till date
      1. Have been taking Good Habits classes for more than 2000 children at 23 Government schools in Chennai and other districts.
    • 2. It is 2 years since we have begun to distribute prizes and certificates for children for their Good Habits class exercises.
    • 3. Government schools in Tiruvallur district have commended Our Nal Ollukam team for a marked change in students behavior in classroom- our first success for academic year 2012-13.
    • 4. Few select schools are supported with jute dust bin bags and classroom dust bins to inculcate cleanliness among their environment.

    • Way Forward:
      1. CSS supervised tuition centers where there will be dedicated teacher guidance on scientific and personal level on children’s progress; target segment- slum dwelling and government schools identified through CSS benefactors.

    • 2. A education support plan especially for Government school children through value addition modules & livelihood training for school dropouts after 10th class and above.

    • 3. Support expenses towards their study material for First Generation graduate students pursuing Arts/ Science education in government or Government aided colleges- for those who have been awarded good habits certificates.

    • 4. Fund the education of B.Ed. interested students who can contribute back to society in form of social volunteering- economic background and aptitude for service are main qualities.

    Contact Person - Palanidurai


    Environment Care Group

    Environment Care Group’ known as ECG is a popular team amongst CSS volunteers. The group is committed to greener Chennai and is in the process of helping people realize and plant more trees in their neighborhoods.

    As part of this initiative we had launched 'SMS-A-SAPLING'; first of its kind in 2009, wherein anybody with a place & tree guard can SMS GREEN to the below mentioned number with their NAME and PLACE OF RESIDENCE. Saplings are delivered for a small cost.

  • So Far...
    1. We deliver saplings in and around Chennai city (Our philosophy is to propagate indigenous plants- preferably flowering trees, shade trees and fruit bearing trees).

  • 2. Touched the 5000+ mark (sapling count).

  • 3. First in country to have distributed saplings at wedding function in the year 2008; we continue to support community celebrations and events with sapling distribution.

  • 4. We provide the basic guidelines as to how to grow, maintain and nurture these saplings.

  • 5. A perfect tracking system to trace record and maintain a perfect data base is in function to ascertain the saplings growth

  • 6. Have lent our financial and resource support to other NGO’s who have committed themselves to better tree cover in Chennai and other places in Tamilnadu.

  • 7. We offer saplings/ seedlings indigenous to India; they can be classified as Flowering/ Shade and Fruit bearing trees from our friends- NGO’s.

  • 8. We also identify sources from where one can procure sapling and other useful suggestions for planting trees.

  • Contact Person - Tirupathiah


    Red Drops

    A team which has sailed through on shoulders of many selfless volunteers to whom we are indebted since 2009. Today, CSS receives minimum 2 requests per day. We analyze and support based on minimum guidelines - they are as follow:

  • 1. Priority of request goes to poor patients supported by NGO’s and admitted in Government Hospital or Private hospitals with certain exceptions

  • 2. All requests from private hospital must be supported by patients attender’s contribution of 1 unit of any group at nearest Government Blood bank

  • 3. Attender requesting blood must be a regular donor provided he is healthy and fit.

  • 4. We do not encourage any kind of commercial motive in blood donation and if we come across any such person he/she will be dealt with as per the law. Donating blood is a selfless act and must be voluntary in nature.

  • 5. We support volunteers who are planning to organize blood camps in their colonies/ housing localities/ work places/ institutions etc

  • 6. For those in need of blood should SMS < Patientname >< Blood Group >< condition >< Hospitalname >
    < attendercontactnumber > to +91 87540 45122

    V Scribe

    Objective - Supporting differently-abled students/persons in their study work by recording their course contents, reading for their learning process and scribing during their exams.

  • A team which has scribed for more than 3000 exams since 2007; which means 3000 individual examinations be it university, semester exams, school board exams or competitive exams and even for thesis preparation.

  • With support from individual Samaritans and Corporate, we arranged college tuition fees and hostel fees for the students.

  • Provided recording and hearing aid materials for their education

  • Have spent countless hours in recording their study materials into audio CD’s and cassettes.

  • So Far...

  • 1. Since 2008, we have arranged volunteers for 3000 exams for college and school students as scribes

  • 2. We have conducted CSGAB (college students & graduates Association for Blind) elections/ cultural and sports meet for 3 years; from 2009 to 2012 at Takker Bapa Vidyalaya.

  • 3. Organizing sports meet for differently abled for 4 years in various disciplines like athletics- chess- carom- cultural events has been a regular feature in CSS calender.

  • 4. In 2013, we had organized an event in Hockey Grounds of Loyola college where more than 500 students from various schools participated at Vegam 2013- athletics for differently abled.

  • Contact Person - Venkat


    Other Activities

    Aravanaipu: This is an initiative to highlight the importance of caring for senior citizens & destitute children who have been pushed to the brink of total neglect and apathy by this society. The team shall identify the places and gauge their immediate needs and also organize regular get together with these elderly people on birthday, festivities and religious functions.

    Activities Done:
    Spending time with the Kids and the old age people, singing & dancing with them, celebrating functions and birthdays with them, distributing sweets & snacks, dress and toys, playing games, mobilizing school fees for the orphan students, distributing school uniforms, stationeries and notebooks, Supplying medicines for the Old people, acting as a link between companies and the Old Age Home in fulfilling their requirements.

    Our Achievements:
    1. Children’s Day celebrations through a painting competition wherein 320 children participated held on 9th November 2008 at St. Georges School.

      i. The main theme was Dr. Kalam’s vision, Clean India, Green India and My Super hero.
    2. Visited juvenile home to understand their needs and requirement and how to engage students to lead a normal life.
      i. Pongal celebrations at Juvenile home in the presence of senior IAS officers as part of entertainment and learning for children on 15th January 2009.
      ii. We had children from Gurukulam performing Karate and Villi Pattu.
      iii. Mime performed by children from juvenile home and also Thapp Aattam
      iv. Dance by SHG children.
    3. Republic Day celebrations 2009 at Gurukulam School, Kovalam, donated sports kit for the children.
    4. We started a new concept called Social Marriage in 2009 where in we arrange for the orphanage students and old age home people to be a part of marriage celebrations and also provide gifts on behalf of Bride-Groom.
    5. Donated sewing machine for Sadana on 3rd of May 2009.
    6. Supported a mentally challenged woman with a sewing machine donated through a group of friends.
    7. Monthly visit to homes, either child or old age and sufficing their materialistic needs. Spending quality time with the people at homes, and hence spreading joy and cheer.
    8. Every month end is marked with the celebration of birthday of our members and the birthday of the kids or the aged at the homes we visit. Here we make it a point to spread as much happiness as we can and also support the place of visit with essential items.
    9. Had organized a pleasure ride for Balavihar special children home - kids for a one day gala trip, arranged for magic show event.



    Rajani’s Gothanda Graha,
    Ground Floor, Old No: 55, New No: 83, 10th Avenue,
    Ashok Nagar, Chennai: 600 083.
    Tamilnadu, India.

    Phone: +91 87540 45124 | +91 87540 45122 | +91 98400 19007.

    Office Hours:

    Monday to Friday - 9:00AM - 5:00PM
    Saturday - 10:00AM - 2:00PM
    Sundays Holiday

    Receive all the schedules and updates about CSS activities in your mobile. To subscribe, SMS < START(space)CSSNGO > to +91 92121 48888