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- An Athletic Meet for the differently-abled

Glimpses of Past

  VEGAM is a dedicated sports event for differently-abled children started in the year 2011. This event has gained trust among the special and differently-abled school children across Chennai as they make use of this platform to compete in various Athletic events.

The number of participants has grown from 250 to 1200, the enthusiasm expressed by the teachers towards their wards performance has been the motivating force behind regular participation of some schools.

Many schools from different levels of ability have shown interest in participation and to allow all we have given opportunity for them to compete on a grand scale. Grand scale includes a stadium, athletic track and field, medals and entire ambience which lifts their spirits up.

Our goal is every child wins in this arena through medals, cheering and above all every one is treated as a special guest. All these years we have roped in distinguished personalities like service men, serving civil servants, accomplished social workers, Film celebrities and Philanthropists. These people bring with them a lot of good will to this event as has been the case over many years. This year is not going to be any different.

This event has grown to become a India Book of records event where Maximum number of events were conducted for the participants in a single day in 2015. This year more records will be broken but mere chasing of records is not our goal but more participation of the children means more joy and more happiness shared.

This year on 16th July we will be hosting our 5th edition of Vegam at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet at 8.30am. Be there. Let your cheer be the loudest.

Welcoming you all to take part in another edition of Vegam for the year 2016. Now you can register all your nomination through this portal.

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