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Food Bank

Everyday tons and tons of food goes as waste in restaurants, parties/celebrations, and even from homes where we have a culture of putting in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage/wastebin. This way, it is not accessible to any living things: on the other side many humans and animals die of famine and hunger without food.

One of the main reasons to survive in this world is for food, and we decided not to let go of food as a waste rather feed hungry mouths (destitute people, children, even animals) in this city.

For this we collect food from places where it is getting wasted and transfer to the people and animals that are in real need.

Ways to save food from going to waste-bin:

  • 1. First and foremost Food is a precious commodity in India, kindly plan your events in such a manner that very little goes to waste
  • 2. Do not throw food packed in polythene bags or polystyrene cups as animals feed on the entire lot- resulting in health hazard to animals
  • 3. It so happens that on many occasions people are not good at preparing exact quantity of food; on those times kindly maintain certain standards
  • i. Excess food must not have been touched or used.
  • ii. Excess food can be ascertained for how many people or children and then ring CSS to enquire about the nearest Children’s or destitute shelter
  • iii. Remember excess food can be given at certain time of the day like before 10 am or between 2 or 4pm. As most children’s home plan their cooking after 10am and after 4pm
  • iv. In case of food is in excess after 8pm in evening kindly make them into small packs and distribute it to road side people or even people put out near railway stations.
  • Food bank feeds destitute homes, people on streets and, animals in Bluecross of India with the food collected from various places.

    “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread - Mahatma Gandhi"

    Welcome to CSS

    Chennai Social Service (CSS) is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working with its motto "Share Your Living..." to see a better society with equality where people can support themselves for their betterment and to make people to know their responsibilities to take care of themselves and the society with in which they live.

    Chennai Social service is a registered non governmental organization (NGO) with about 1400 online members and 75 active volunteers

    our services

    The activities of CSS revolve around five different teams

    Red Drops

    A team which has sailed through on shoulders of many selfless volunteers to whom we are indebted since 2009. Today, CSS receives minimum 2 requests per day. We analyze and support based on minimum guidelines

    V Scribe

    Supporting differently-abled students/persons in their study work by recording their course contents, reading for their learning process and scribing during their exams

    Food Bank

    Food Bank Everyday tons and tons of food goes as waste in restaurants, parties/celebrations, and even from homes where we have a culture of putting in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage/wastebin


    To establish a student-community with a sense of responsibility towards their society and country which can be achieved through practicing and encouragement of 'Good Habits' as devised by 'Munaivar Poonthuraiyaan'

    Environment Care Group

    Environment Care Group’ known as ECG is a popular team amongst CSS volunteers. The group is committed to greener Chennai and is in the process of helping people realize and plant more trees in their neighborhoods.


    This is an initiative to highlight the importance of caring for senior citizens & destitute children who have been pushed to the brink of total neglect and apathy by this society

    Our Team

    Sathish Kumar